Veekay International Ltd. is one of well respected Importers & Exporters dealing in various kinds of Consumer and Industrial Products worldwide. Since our inception in Dubai mid-1993 to 2005-end, we supplied goods from the United Kingdom, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Turkey and Pakistan. After strategically moving our base to Hong Kong in 2006, we have focussed on and specialized in products of China origin and recently started tieing up with selected factories in Vietnam, Combodia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

We export Industrial Products (such as Carbon Steel Galvanized Pipes, Cold/Hot Rolled Sheets & Coils; Fully/Semi Refined Paraffin Wax, Plywood, Recomposed Wood, Di Calcium Phosphate <a Pharma product>, Caustic Soda, Virgin/Semi-Virgin/Recycled Yarn, Laminated HDF Flooring, etc);  Home Appliances (like Refrigerators, Chest & Showcase Freezers, Gas Stoves, Vacuum Cleaners, Mini Washing Machines, etc.); and wide range of Consumer Products (such as High-end LED Projectors; Blu-ray/DVD/Music Players; Projection Screens; VoIP Phones; Baby Blankets & Acrylic Shawls; Lingerie & Outer Garments; Workers’ Safety Shoes; Working Clothes; Computer Hardware and Peripherals; Plastic Cloth Pegs; Bamboo Tooth Picks; Household & Office Furniture; Home Décor; Dry Batteries; Flashlights; Mobile Phones; Accessories for Computers, Mobile & Still/Video Cameras; Men’s Leather Wallets & Belts; Note Counting Machines; Plastic Rulers; etc.)

Our strength comes from genuinely close and strong relations with the Buyers worldwide providing market information and with the factories offering whole-hearted co-operation to make products as per the Buyers’ requirements. Working hand in hand like members of one family on win-win basis is our motto.

Working with efficiency, sincerity, commitment and human touch has been instrumental in satisfying all our Buyers. We take our Buyers and Suppliers as members of one family and treat our orders as complete only after receiving repeat orders.

Buyers and Buying Agents worldwide are welcome to email us their inquiries for made-to-order goods, fresh stocklots or buying consumer products from Wholesale markets in China – we are just an email away.